Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Minis and One Big Spider!

This past week I spent a lot of my evenings up to my elbows in sugar!  It's not an entirely bad place to be.  :-)

Here are some of the results that ended up at work and our church bake sale.
This spider web is an extra large cookie, and the spider isn't too small itself! Notice the glowing red eyes on that spider?

Yum - mini brownie bites!

First attempt at the skull and crossbones....

Candy corn, a sprinkled star, and a scaredy cat...

These were the cookies packaged up for the bake sale.  The toppers are available at Hobby Lobby and really make the difference in how the set looks.  


  1. I'm amazed that I never knew you were this talented when I was actually in Missouri...I would've been asking for tips!

  2. Thanks! Just one of my hidden talents, I guess. :)