Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Posting at Frosting for the Cause

Today was a special day - I have a post over at Frosting for the Cause!  Be sure to go check it out - it's a great way that bloggers are raising money for cancer-related organizations.  It's an honor to be included.

Frosting for the Cause

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hearts Galore....

I had the opportunity to send 150 heart cookies to my friend, Cheryl, who is working overseas.  It was quite the challenge for me to get them done, since I could only work on them at night, after I ran my son to his sports practices.  Normally my husband does the running around for the practices, but with him out of town, I got to try to be SuperMom for a few days.  Epic fail!  But at least I did get the cookies finished and shipped by the time I had to leave town for a meeting.  The house is another story.....

In making 150 cookies, I had plenty of opportunity to try some different designs. Some I like better than others, but overall, I'm pretty satisfied with them.  Hope you like them, too!