Wednesday, November 3, 2010

These Cookies Were So Much Better in My Mind....

Have you ever had this idea for a cookie (or any other project) and in your head, it is the greatest thing?  You can just see how cool it will turn out, right?  Well, that's what I was thinking this week when I was working on my friend Cheryl's cookies.  Cheryl left the USA this summer for a year of teaching in the United Arab Emirates, and she's been telling me she has been wanting some sugar cookies.  So, in my mind I'm thinking about making her some ABC cookies.  For inspiration, I headed to my scrap booking paper stash, and I find a great paper that I think I could potentially replicate - after all it was just a series of circles and dots.

I did do a decent job of matching the colors when I was tinting my icing (the photos don't show the colors correctly), but that's about where the similarities to the paper end!  After my first botched attempt...I decided to just do dots.  Dots, dots, and more dots.  Sorry Cheryl, I really did have bigger aspirations to make these cookies "awesome" for you!

We boxed them up today and they should  be on the way to you soon.  I hope they make it there!  It's up to you whether you choose to share them with your students or not.  I hope these come to you in one piece and remind you of home.  We miss you!


  1. Christine, I can't wait to get these. It will be interesting to see if they truly make it through customs. That would be sad if they don't, but I have had your cookies before and if the customs officer enjoys them, maybe he will go good on other Americans! These are absolutely amazing and will be a great sign of friendship to my colleagues over here from other countries! Thank you ever so much! Miss you and my FCS family!

  2. The cookies may not be what you had envisioned by I think they look great and such a lovely gift for your friend overseas. She will be delighted with them and I'm sure, anxious to share with her students.

  3. ARRRGH!! I have had the EXACT SAME experience with a nearly identical pattern!!! The circles and the dots....complete failure! I am so glad to know that I am not alone. And somehow, it makes me want to try it again!! I think your cookies still turned out better than mine! had better colors to begin with.